has cancellation policy for customer satisfaction in below ways:

1.     Before Shipping: Customer can cancel his/her order before starting shipping over phone or email. In such if customer order is cash delivery then he/she doesn’t need to pay any amount for cancellation the order. The order, which is paid by credit/debit cards amarshop24 will deduct only transaction fee before refund his/her amount. Before shipping the product

2.     After Shipping: Customer can cancel his/her order during receiving the goods, if there is any defect or damage in his/her desire products, customer doesn’t have to pay any charge for such cancellation but if there is no damage or defect but he/she doesn’t want to receive his/her ordered goods then customer has to pay only shipment fee and credit/debit card transaction fee only.

3.     Return After delivery: is giving facility to cancel his/her order within 3 days after receiving his/her goods. In this case, he/she has pay delivery and return back fee and transaction for credit/debit card payment. There are some terms and conditions on such returning the goods mentioned on return & refund policy