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TAC Polarized Lens 
Laminated polarized lenses: the PVA film having a polarizing function and TACfilm is made with a special water glue together , effectively filter glare, more real, full of visual effects. UV400 protection. 
Grilamid TR90 
TR-90, commonly known as plastic, titanium is one of the most advanced injection molding material nylon, toughness, excellent memory properties, light quality, widely used in aerospace, fine instrument manufacture. 
Anti-Reflection Glass 
Anti-reflection: a combination of multi-layered thin inorganic compounds, the use of advanced analog vacuum plating machine. Can improve the light perspective rate, clear visual sense of comfort, reduce reflections and improve night vision, reducing fatigue, reduce computer radiation. 
Anti Oil 
Anti-oil: the inner and outer surfaces of the lens be soaked in anti-oil, easy to remove the lens surface oil, the effective protection of the lens.

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